365: Volume One (feat. Kit Downes) by Aidan O'Rourke


1. Nobody Could Be One Hundred Percent Sure About the Last Tiger
2. Do People Still Do This?
3. Every Morning She Steps Out the Front Door
4. Her Feet Padding Back
5. A Fox and a Hound Met Early One Morning on a Hillside
6. He Looked at His Right Hand
7. It Was the Savage Boys Watching from the Cliffs
8. I Was an Experiment
9. The Room Is Darkness
10. You Forget More Than You Retain, and That's the Truth
11. Awake Isn't Good

1. I Don't Know Beforehand How I Will Appear to Anyone
2. Lying Awake in the Middle of the Night
3. Sometimes He Felt He Could Live Permanently in a Hotel
4. I Used Not to Be Able to Read on Buses
5. The Phone Rang Just as She'd Got the Children to the Table
6. They Were Passing the End of a Particular Street
7. "Jack", His Mother Says One Day, "That Auld Dug Has Had It"
8. There Was Once a Man so Old That Most of His Family, and All of His Friends, Had Left the World Long Before Him
9. When I Was Still Some Distance from the Village
10. At the Interval, as the Applause Dies Away and People Begin to Make for the Exits
11. "Now", the Old Woman Said, "Before You Go Up There I Want to Introduce You to Someone"

Double CD Deluxe Gatefold w/ 24 page booklet






Double CD Deluxe Gatefold w/ 24 page booklet

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