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Who He? is the debut album of 'abstract folk music' by Ian Carr with his band The Various Artists! Released January 26th 2015 on Reveal Records.

Widely considered to be one of the best and most original guitarists of his generation, Ian Carr has worked with many acclaimed artists including Eddi Reader, Kate Rusby, Kris Drever and Chris Wood.

“He has managed to invent a whole new way of being a guitarist. Everyone pinches Ian's harmonies and techniques and rhythmic thinking. Also, he's really funny. Like, really really funny”
(Kris Drever, Lau)

For the myriad of other leading musicians and discerning music fans who revere his playing, it’s hard to credit that Welsh-born acoustic guitarist Ian Carr, whose illustrious career dates back to the late 1980s, has only now released his debut solo album. Such is the modesty of this instrumental genius, however - as reflected in the album’s title, Who He? - that it’s taken him a quarter-century to step into the centre-stage spotlight, ultimately impelled by an unspoken promise to his baby son.

Ian says…“I don’t really know where the feeling came from, but after my son was born in 2009, I just remember thinking very clearly, ‘I have to make my own record’, It suddenly almost felt like a family duty, to put out something of my own – not for money’s sake or anything; just for him.”

Carr has created an album which resoundingly affirms his peerless stature among six-string artists, while springing yet more of his signature magical surprises.

Ian Carr…Who He? What they say…

“One of the most innovative, brilliant and sympathetic guitarists Britain has produced in any genre”

“He's a creative free spirit who fills the room with guitar sounds, leads, plectrums, jackets, half-eaten sandwiches, laughs and MILLIONS of chords Spike and sparkle, shoelaces and giggles, chords and jangle. Happy, happy, happy boy”
(Eddi Reader, MBE)

“Ian Carr saved me from and for instrumental folk music, by taking folk music, putting it in his brain, somehow reorganising it and playing it back to me. I was never the same again. He’s like a human, musical Magimix”
(Eliza Carthy,MBE)

“Ian Carr set fire to my electric kettle on the stove. It's not affectation, he's a true eccentric, that's why no one else can play like him. I kinda love him and miss playing with him... but not enough to move to Sweden”
(Chris Wood)

“Generally, it's not sensible to think that you know or like the person, just because you have seen them perform, but Ian Carr is a rare example of a musician who communicates so much personality and wit in his playing, that it is impossible not to like him, unless you are dead, perhaps. Of course, it is still not wise to assume you know him because of what he communicates on stage, but his musical devilment urges you to throw my common-sense out of the window, because he puts you in on the joke. Most people who play as well as him can be annoying show offs, but somehow Ian lets you know that he knows that you know that he knows that you know. This generosity of spirit in a performer is rare and undefinable, and perhaps, magic.”
(Adrian McNally, The Unthanks)

“He’s helped inspire a whole new generation, and now he's made a wonderful solo record.”
(John McCusker)

CD / DL out now on Reveal Records
Touring September 18-27 2015 with Kris Drever